Smiles Crafted With Heart

Begin your journey to a stunning smile at Rise + Smile Orthodontics. Under the expert care of Dr. Mathue Faulkner, you're not just receiving top-notch orthodontic treatment; you're becoming part of a family that values every smile in Austin, Texas.

Expert Training

Dr. Faulkner goes beyond being an orthodontist. He believes in bringing a personal and knowledgeable approach to each of his patients, which makes an office that’ll feel like a second home.

As a certified member of the American Board of Orthodontics—a distinction held by only 33% of orthodontists—Dr. Faulkner brings over a decade of expertise to Rise + Smile Orthodontics. He makes sure your experience with us is one to remember and enjoy.

Building an office and practice that he could be proud of, Dr. Faulkner has never been happier to bring his approach to your smile. He comes into the office with a mindset of great results, integrity, and positivity.

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Patient-First Care

At Rise + Smile Orthodontics, you're treated like part of our own family. From the very start, you'll find a team eager to build a relationship based on understanding and community with you.

Imagine walking into an office where you're the most important person there. That's what we strive for. Smiles and compassion greet you the moment you open our doors.

There's no rush through your treatment here. Enjoy a slower-paced and laid-back approach to achieving your smile.

Your time is our top priority, ensuring you're never left sitting in the reception area. The goal is to not only understand your smile but to understand you as a person. Your concerns are never glossed over, and seeing your dream smile become a reality is something we look forward to.

You'll find accommodation and responsiveness here. You are more than a dollar sign; you become a piece of our office family.

Dr. Faulkner and the Austin team grow with you, crafting a plan that sets you up for success. Dr. Faulkner encourages you to be open with any questions or comments at any time.

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Working With You, For You

Rise + Smile Orthodontics goes beyond just an orthodontic practice. We’re here to work with you, being flexible and transparent through your time with us.

Our team loves being here. That means you’ll come back to the same faces every time and build relationships that last.

Orthodontic treatments can be confusing, but not to worry! We will guide you through your treatment to keep you informed about every detail. This makes sure that you only choose treatments you're comfortable with. We work with you, not the other way around.

Personal care is what we do best at Rise + Smile Orthodontics. Every smile has its own story, and Dr. Faulkner and our team work hard to meet your specific needs and goals.

From your first visit to the big reveal of your new smile, we're here to listen, guide, and help you. We don't just give everyone the same treatment; we work with you to create a smile that shines your way.

Flexible Payments

We want you to have a happy and healthy smile. We don’t want you to have to worry about your budget. At Rise + Smile Orthodontics, we’ve created several financial options and accept most major credit cards and insurance plans for you to achieve your best smile.

Our goal is to keep you in the loop, so we’ll sit down with you and go over your budget. With no-interest monthly payments and low monthly payments through our in-house financing plan, we’ll find a flexible solution that fits you.

Keeping You Safe & Sound

Keeping our clinic clean and safe is super important. At Rise + Smile Orthodontics, we stick to the highest cleaning and sterilizing standards. This makes sure our patients and staff stay safe.

We clean all surfaces regularly and use the best sterilizing methods for our tools. We're all about giving you great orthodontic care and making sure you feel safe and looked after.

Heart-First Office

Located in beautiful Austin, Texas, Rise + Smile Orthodontics is a one-stop shop for creating beautiful, healthy smiles. We believe in giving back to the community as we grow.

At Rise + Smile Orthodontics, we do more than fix teeth. We're an active part of the Austin community. We’re a proud sponsor of local schools, charities, and organizations, so we can help our area grow strong and healthy.

With one convenient location, Dr. Faulkner and our team strive to perfect our practice. In Austin, we’re making an office that’ll become a home to all of our patients.

Fresh & Tailored Orthodontic Choices

Dr. Faulkner brings the latest in orthodontics, from Invisalign to self-ligating metal and clear braces. Our focus extends to cosmetic enhancements like Zoom whitening, to make sure you have a smart approach to your smile. We chose each treatment to fit your unique journey.

Invisalign: Looking for a hidden and easy way to straighten your teeth? Choose Invisalign. Made just for you, these clear aligners offer both comfort and ease.

Metal Braces: Our metal braces are both classic and effective. They have self-ligating brackets, which means fewer adjustments and quicker results.

Clear Braces: Want the power of regular braces but less visible? Our clear braces are a hit. They have the latest self-ligating tech. Plus, we use Digital Indirect Bonding (DIB) for perfect bracket placement from the get-go.

Zoom Whitening and Bleaching Trays: Our main focus is on fixing your teeth, but we also offer Zoom whitening and bleaching trays to brighten your smile.

We understand that each patient's journey is unique, and our goal is to provide you with the best options for your specific orthodontic needs.