Confident Smiles With Metal Braces

At Rise + Smile Orthodontics in Austin, getting metal braces means more than just straightening your teeth. It's about starting a journey with Dr. Faulkner and our team that leads to a smile full of confidence. We make sure every step is about you—using the latest in braces technology to create a smile that's just right for you.

Proven Strength, Modern Style

At Rise + Smile Orthodontics, Dr. Faulkner brings the best of both worlds with metal braces. They're reliable and effective and have been the go-to choice for generations.

Now, with the latest advancements, they're even better at giving you the smile you've always wanted. See why metal braces continue to be a top choice for achieving a beautiful and healthy smile.

Comfort Meets Style

Forget about the bulky, noticeable braces of the past. Today’s metal braces are sleek, light, and much less visible.

They're designed for comfort which makes them a great option, not just for kids but for both teens and adults. With Rise + Smile Orthodontics, you're choosing a reliable path to a straighter smile tailored just for you.

The Mechanics Behind Your Future Smile

Jumping into metal braces might seem daunting, but at Rise + Smile Orthodontics, we’re all about making things clear and straightforward. Let’s break down what makes up metal braces and how they work on your smile.


Each bracket is a tiny metal square that we attach directly to your teeth. They’re the main workers that hold the archwire in place and guide your teeth to their ideal positions.

Thanks to advancements in orthodontics, these brackets are now smaller, sleeker, and work more efficiently than ever.

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Self-Ligating Technology

Unlike traditional braces that need elastics to hold the wire, our self-ligating brackets use a special clip to secure the archwire.

This innovative approach reduces friction which means you get to enjoy a more comfortable treatment experience and potentially faster results. Plus, without the need for elastics, to keep your braces clean is easier than ever before.


The archwire is the backbone of your braces, threading through the brackets to apply the right amount of pressure to your teeth. This pressure is what moves your teeth into alignment.

With self-ligating braces, Dr. Faulkner can adjust your archwire with precision to make your treatment smoother and often quicker.

Digital Indirect Bonding (DIB)

At Rise + Smile Orthodontics, we use Digital Indirect Bonding (DIB) for placing your brackets. This technique allows us to plan your treatment digitally and place your brackets with better accuracy than ever before. Better placements make sure your treatment is effective from day one.

Tailored Treatment for You

Metal braces are a fantastic option, but they’re just one of the paths to a beautiful smile that we offer at Rise + Smile. Dr. Faulkner and our team are here to explore all your treatment options to make sure you receive care that’s customized to your needs, lifestyle, and smile goals.

A Smooth Path to Your Best Smile

Starting on your orthodontic journey at Rise + Smile Orthodontic means you're in caring hands every step of the way. Dr. Faulkner and our team commit to providing a smooth and rewarding experience with metal braces.

Getting Started

Your new smile journey begins with a personalized consultation. You’ll sit down with Dr. Faulkner and our team to review your dental history, take some X-rays of your teeth, and begin crafting your treatment plan. If we think metal braces are best for you, then we’ll schedule your first appointment to come back and begin your treatment.

Brace Placement

When you revisit us, it’ll be time to get to work. Applying your self-ligating metal braces is a smooth and straightforward process. We use the latest technology which includes Digital Indirect Bonding (DIB), to take precise digital scans of your teeth.

Thanks to DIB, placing your brackets is faster and more accurate, which means less time in the dental chair for you. You'll walk out ready to start your journey to a new smile.

Regular Check-Ins

After placing your braces, we’ll need to keep in touch. With self-ligating braces, adjustments are quicker and fewer. Every 4 to 6 weeks, we'll have a quick check-up to make sure everything is moving as planned. It's also a perfect time for any questions you might have.

Caring for Your Braces

We'll make sure you have all the essentials for easy care at home. Self-ligating braces are simpler to clean, and we'll guide you on how to maintain them. Plus, we're always here if you need us, whether it's a question about certain foods or brushing techniques.

Celebrating Your New Smile

The moment we've all been waiting for! When your treatment is complete, we'll unveil your new smile. But it doesn't end there; we'll guide you through the next steps, including retainers, to keep your smile perfect.

Where Precision Meets Compassion

At Rise + Smile Orthodontics in Austin, Dr. Faulkner and our passionate team bring together cutting-edge technology and personalized care to create smiles that don't just light up a room—they light up your life.

Ready to start your journey to a confident smile? Reach out to us, and let's map out the path to your ideal smile together!