Austin Braces & Invisalign

Crafting Your Ideal Smile

Rise + Smile Orthodontics in Austin offers treatments designed to meet your individual goals. Dr. Faulkner will provide you with the most advanced options for a transformative smile journey.

Families in and around Austin can enjoy a range of modern braces and Invisalign options at Rise + Smile Orthodontics, making straighter, healthier smiles for years to come.

Zoom Teeth Whitening & Bleaching Trays

Looking for that extra shine? Zoom teeth whitening and custom bleaching trays at Rise + Smile Orthodontics can boost your smile to its brightest potential.

With options for both in-office and at-home treatments, having a glowing smile has never been easier or more convenient. It's the perfect way to highlight your straightened teeth with a radiant, white smile.

Enhancing Smiles
Beyond Braces

At Rise + Smile Orthodontics in Austin, we're not just about aligning teeth; we're about perfecting smiles. Beyond traditional braces and Invisalign, Dr. Mathue Faulkner offers comprehensive treatments to meet all your smile aspirations.