New Smiles at All Ages

Dr. Faulkner and our team at Rise + Smile Orthodontics want a beautiful smile for everyone—children, teens, and adults alike. We're committed to providing personalized orthodontic care that works to the unique needs of each patient.

Whether it's your child's first experience with braces or you're exploring Invisalign as an adult, we're dedicated to making sure your orthodontic journey is as rewarding as the results.

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Orthodontic Care for Children

Setting the Foundation

It's important to get your child's teeth checked early to make sure they stay healthy and grow up with a happy smile. At Rise + Smile Orthodontics, Dr. Faulkner makes sure to catch any problems early while creating a fun and friendly environment for kids.

We're equipped with the latest in orthodontic technology to make sure your child receives the best care, that’ll make the way for a vibrant, healthy smile as they grow.


First Time Visit

We recommend that children have their first orthodontic check-up by around age seven. This early check-up allows Dr. Faulkner to spot and address any emerging concerns, guiding your child's dental development toward a healthy one.

A Place Where Smiles Grow

We design our office with your and your child's comfort and enjoyment in mind. We work to make every visit educational and enjoyable to help your child look forward to their orthodontic journey with excitement and confidence.


Customized Care for Young Smiles

Dr. Faulkner delivers personalized treatment plans for our young patients, and considers each child's unique needs. Whether it's braces or early intervention with orthodontic appliances, our goal is to make sure the development of healthy, beautiful smiles.

Early treatments, known as Phase I, are carefully considered to address issues like crowding or bite problems effectively to make future treatments simpler and setting your child on the path to a lifelong smile.

Empowering Teen Smiles

Navigating Teen Orthodontics

The teenage years are an important time for orthodontic care at Rise + Smile Orthodontics. We’re here to make the journey exciting and rewarding.

We specialize in providing teens with customized orthodontic solutions, from Invisalign aligners to modern braces, designed to suit every lifestyle and preference.

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Choices for Every Teen

Dr. Faulkner understands the diverse needs of teenagers, so we offer a wide range of orthodontic options.

Whether it's the clear convenience of Invisalign for the selfie-ready teen or the strong reliability of traditional braces, we make sure that every teen finds their perfect match to enhance their smile and boost their confidence.

Supporting Every Step of the Way

Our commitment to teen orthodontics goes beyond just the treatments. We constantly support, educate, and guide to ensure teens and their families feel informed and confident at every stage.

From your free consultation to the exciting reveal of their new smile, Rise + Smile Orthodontics stands by our teens, and makes their orthodontic experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Orthodontic Treatments Tailored for Adults

New Smiles At Any Age

The journey to a perfect smile knows no age limits. Dr. Faulkner strives to help with the goals and needs of adult patients, offering solutions like Invisalign and clear braces that blend into your professional and personal life.

Using modern technology and personalized care, we make sure your treatment is as effective as it is clear.

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Building Treatment Into Your Life

We value your time and comfort, making orthodontic treatments that fit easily into your busy schedule, focusing on minimizing office visits, and maximizing treatment power.

Dr. Faulkner and our team make sure your journey to a straighter smile doesn't interrupt your day-to-day life. We design our treatments for both convenience and comfort, allowing you to chase the smile you've always dreamed of without any compromises.

A Confident Smile at Any Stage

It's never too late to transform your smile and boost your confidence. Rise + Smile Orthodontics is here to guide you through your orthodontic journey, no matter where you're starting from.

Rediscovering your smile's potential is an exciting process, and we're dedicated to making it a reality for each adult patient who walks through our doors.

Start Your Smile Transformation

Are you ready for a change that brings out the best in your smile? Rise + Smile Orthodontics in Austin welcomes everyone—from eager teens and adults to parents looking for their children's treatment.

Dr. Faulkner and our team are here to guide you toward the new smile you've always wanted. Reach out to us for a free consultation and begin on the path to a more confident and joyful you.